About us


Our Story

We’ve just celebrated our 25th anniversary! Thank you to everyone for all the amazing years of training, friendship and being our extended family.

Founded in 1994 by Carlos and Gayle Ferrer, Tribeca Sports Center is a boxing and martial arts gym dedicated to helping people find enlightenment through fitness and combat training.

All personal training sessions and classes are tailored to your fitness level whether you’re a first-time exerciser or a seasoned athlete. Our loyal clients consider us to be the best kept secret of the downtown community. As dedicated gym owners and trainers, we attribute our continued success to never losing sight of our goal which is to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors gets a great workout with a personal touch. 

Our Team

Carlos is a former Golden Gloves finalist, amateur kickboxer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist, breakdancer, and bodybuilder. Boxing since the age of 11 and a personal trainer since 1987, he was one of the first trainers to teach boxing and kickboxing as an intense and effective workout for everyday people, without the risk of being hit. Emphasis is always on learning proper technique as well as how and why a technique is used, so you will also learn very practical self defense which could one day save your life. He has taught everyone from recreational athletes, Academy Award winning celebrities, supermodels, and professional fighters. His experience and philosophical teaching style make him beloved by Tribeca Sport Center’s loyal clients.

Gayle has over 30 years of kickboxing, bodybuilding, and martial arts experience and has been a personal trainer since becoming certified in 1994. Her training is geared to bringing people optimal health and functional strength that translates into more enjoyment of everyday life. She believes that everyone can life an active lifestyle at any age, and is experienced in helping people who have been through an illness or injury regain their health, strength, and confidence. Her clients rave about the personalized workouts and nutritional plans she designs for them that are optimized to improve their physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness.